My Life Is Not Safe, Mother Of Assaulted Deeper Life School Student Cries Out (Video)

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Deborah Okezie, mother of the assaulted student of Deeper Life High School, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Don Davis Archibong, has taken to social media to allege death threats to her life.

In a Facebook broadcast on Thursday, Okezie said she was assaulted when she visited the office of the state Commissioner for Education.

Okezie revealed that she was invited alongside Don Davis as part of the investigations set up by the state government over the matter but was ordered to delete previous videos she had released.

The woman said she now moves around with her other kids because of fear of being attacked.”Nigerians, I am not safe, if I am going now and they kill me, let people know what killed me. Don’t I have the right to freedom of speech?” she said.

She continued, “I had promised to keep Nigerians updated in all I am doing on Don Davis’ case.

Any time you don’t see me come here live to update you, just know that they have collected my phone from me, just this afternoon, my two phones were collected from me.

This morning we got a call saying that we should come with Don Davis to the Commissioner for Education’s office, we told them the boy was not strong enough to come out but they said the parents of the said boys, who were involved in whatever happened to Don Davis, were there.

Don Davis, were there. We told them Don Davis was taken to another hospital, they said we must bring him, but since we had to obey them because it was part of investigations as ordered by the governor, we pulled him out from the hospital.

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“On getting to the commissioner’s office, Deeper Life School Board (members) were seated, the parents with their friends were seated and I was with my husband, Don Davis and my other children.”

Okezie said the commissioner started questioning her on why she had gone on live broadcast, ordering her to remove the video from the Internet as they claimed it posed a great risk to the government and the office of the commissioner.

“She was asking me; do I know what that has done to her office? Do I know that America is watching? She said why did I do what I did? That I am putting the government’s name at risk? I said how? Everybody saw that the government said the case should be investigated, what is putting the government at risk here? She said I should take the video off the Internet immediately.”

The distraught mother said one of her phones was collected from her and was asked again to remove the video from the Internet. Okezie said the commissioner started the questioning asking Don Davis a lot of pressurising questions which she objected to.

“I told the commissioner that she could not intimidate me; even if she wanted me to take the video off air, she could do it one on one.

She said do I know what that video had done to her office? I said, is it a lie? What are we hiding? The woman now turned to Don Davis; already now she was biased over that video. She asked him what happened to him, he said they put fingers in his anus, then the woman started asking questions. I stood up and said no to this type of questioning.”

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Okezie said one of the parents of the boys who had allegedly molested her son stood up, threatening to slap her while another brought out his belt to beat her.

She said immediately she told her son to get up and leave, the other parents initially seated had surrounded her, asking why she was always making videos.She added that when they noticed her insistence, they pushed her out of the office.

“They said I am putting the government at risk, I told them I have always been a social media person. Is it their data? They pushed me and my children out of their office, they insulted me till I came downstairs this afternoon.

“Before I left, the commissioner told them she would take the remaining up, I told her to go ahead. Anything she wants to go and tell the governor, let her go and tell him but this is the truth.

The commissioner pushed me out of her office; let her tell the governor that she asked me to get the video off air. I am doing this video so the governor will know the truth.”Okezie also called on foreign bodies to come to her aid so she would not lose her life in her quest for justice.


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