Father Mbaka: Popular Nigerian priest, church members attack BBC reporters

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Nigerian catholic priest, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka and some of his church members on Wednesday evening attack two BBC reporters, their driver and two others in Enugu State, South- Eastern Nigeria.

The journalists, Chioma Obianinwa, Nnamdi Agbanelo and their driver, Ndubuisi Nwafor, was with another Catholic Priest, Rev Cajethan Obiekezie and his assistant, Solomon Orakam.

Rev Obiekezie, who arrange the interview lead the BBC team to Mbaka Adoration Ministry around 10am but the interview did not hold immediately because Father Mbaka was still in the pulpit preaching

BBC crew later went with Rev Obiekezie and move to Mbaka house after the church service to conduct the interview around 5pm.

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When Mbaka got home, the journalists that was waiting for him, was surrounded by about 20 men.

According to Obianinwa, the men seize their equipment and threaten to kill them for writing ‘negative reports about Mbaka.’

The men outside Mbaka house said BBC Igbo always write negative things about Mbaka and started beating up Nnamdi, Solomon and Ndubuisi. Them gave them heavy blows and injuries on their heads and all over their body.”

The BBC reporter further said Mbaka and Obiekezie came out of there house when they heard the noise and, Mbaka face her and started to chook his fingers on her face, and called her ‘ satanic.’

This motivated the boys to continue beating up the jornalist as the attacks intenstify Father Mbaka continue to shoute and abuse us.

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He ask his men to seize our phones and cameras. He said they will kill us and nothing will happen. They removed my wig and try to strangle Nnamdi. Rev Obiekezie told them to stop but they also attack him too and seize his phone,” she said

Obianinwa said the attacks stop when she starting shouting “the world will know that they diead in Mbaka’s house.”

All efforts to call number of Father Mbaka official Facebook page for his reaction, the number was switched off.

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