How To Download App Not Available in My Country on Playstore

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Hello everyone, are you tired of this notification pop up “app not available in my country each time you want to download you’re favourite app on playstore; and you don’t know how to fix this problem, worry no more because on this article am going to show you how you can easy bypass this problem

Without wasting much of your time let’s get straight to business….

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Steps To Take

  • First of all turn of your location on your phone, Download Nord Vpn , Use USA server
  • Navigate to Settings, look for all apps on your phone, choose play store, clear catch and data
  • Now connect your VPN u downloaded earlier
  • You can also use other Vpn instead of Nord Vpn
  • Now open your play store on your phone
  • Switch to different Gmail account incase you have multiple accounts
  • Agree to terms and condition
  • Skip the credit card option
  • Once your on play store, simply search for the app that you want to download
  • Download it and enjoy
  • U have to repent this process each time you want to download restricted apps on playstore
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Watch the full here incase here

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