#EndSars-If Anything Happens To Me Hold Enugu State Government Responsible, Phyno Cries Out

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Popular Nigeria hip hop artist, Phyno has raised Alarm that his life is in serious danger after leading #Endsarsprotesters to Enugu Government House yesterday, according to him in a tweet

The Tweet reads :Today our lives were threatened and we are making it clear that if ANYTHING happens to any single one of us or any protestors, let it be known that it was done by the ENUGU STATE GOVERNMENT!

Today, our peaceful protest in Enugu from Ogbete Market to the Enugu State Government House was going well until we reached the government house. Along the way we noticed a group of thugs joined the protests…
The governor came out but refused to speak up and address the protestors, instead he addressed the thugs. The thugs tried to fight us but we maintained peace because we recognized their plan.
We made sure the youth remained calm yet the governor refused to answer our questions! Instead he walked out on us, unapologetically, with the thugs following him. We made it clear that we knew the people he was pretending to address were paid thugs.
As we have been saying: The movement won’t stop! We come in peace as always!

Screenshots of the tweet

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