#Endsars:Anambra State Governor Sacks former OC SARS James Nwafor, Promise To Prosecute Him

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Governor William Obino
The Anambra state Governor have sack the Notorious Former CSP of the dreadful SARS Awkuzu who under his watch many Igbo youth were brutally sent to the great beyond.

His name is James Nwafor. His favourite slogan is “I’ll kill you and nothing will happen.”

Anambra state Governor Willie Obiano Previously appointed him as his SA before he was earlier sack today
He made these known when speaking with protesters today, I joined youths of our dear State to say #EndPoliceBrutality and I support them because they did not only vote and defend their votes in my 21-over-21 victory but all their requests are genuine and germane; and I oblige to honour them all.
I felt honoured being in their midst to share in their feelings; and I made it clear that
First, Federal Government has disbanded SARS but I will personally visit all SARS offices in Anambra State to ensure that anyone being held is released, immediately
Secondly, James Nwafor, former OC SARS in Anambra State is sacked and will be prosecuted;
Thirdly, I’ll ensure that the Presidency does the needful to ensure a better life for our youths, for us, ndi Anambra and for our nation,
Long Live Anambra Youths!Aluta continua!

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