How to View Subtitles on YouTube

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view subtitles on YouTube for PC and mobile devices

This article will show u how you can enable closed captioning and view subtitles on YouTube for PC and mobile devices

Enable YouTube Caption on PC

The PC version of YouTube gives you the most options for customizing the captions you see on the videos you watch. To make those captions appear and change the look of them, follow these steps:

1. On YouTube, click on the video you want to watch.

2. Click on the gear icon (Settings).

3.Select “Subtitles/CC

4. Choose the language you want to use from the list.

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5. The captions will appear on the video.

You can also change the style of the subtitles on YouTube videos on your PC. You have options for such styles as the font, size, text color, and background color

1. Click on the gear icon and then Subtitles/CC as you did before.

2. Click on Options at the top.

3. Open the menus for each of the styles that you would like to change


Using captions on your mobile device can be useful when you want to watch a video but are either in a very quiet place or a place where it is too loud to hear it. To set up your captions on an Android device, follow these directions:Open the YouTube app for Android.

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Open the YouTube app for Android

Choose your video

Tap on the video and then the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner.

Tap Settings.

Find the option for Captions on the settings menu that appears at the bottom of your screen

Select the language to use.

Enjoy the captions.

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